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Our customers think we're fantastic and so will you. Car leasing works by essentially renting a brand-new vehicle for an agreed period, typically between years. You pay an initial rental fee and make fixed monthly payments until your lease ends. When your contract finishes, simply return the car. Read more in our complete guide to what is car leasing?

How does leasing a car work? Car leasing means you can drive the latest models every few years and return the vehicle when your contract ends.

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PCP works similarly, except you can buy the car at the end of your agreement. Is it better to buy or lease a car?

Why lease with us?

Leasing gives you the benefit of driving a new car without paying an expensive upfront cost. See more about car leasing vs. How much does it cost to lease a car? Read more about the cost of car leasing. What are the pros and cons of leasing a car?

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What do I need to know when leasing a car? Personal and business leases are both available. Do car leases include maintenance and insurance? Maintenance and insurance can be included in your lease with our Just Fuel It package. This includes breakdown cover, accident management, glass cover, a replacement vehicle, plus routine maintenance and servicing, all part of your monthly payments.

This is for individuals who want to lease a car on a personal basis. You will pay an initial rental fee and make fixed monthly payments depending on how long you want your lease to last usually between years. When your lease ends, you return the car. Car Make Search e. Car Model Search e.

Taking into account four weeks' holiday a year, she will be doing 4, miles a year just driving to work. And that's before taking into account weekend car journeys and any holiday driving.

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So, for Anne, it's probably worth estimating that in an average year she'd do 6,, miles. It's always best to have some leeway in your estimate. Sadly, only you can decide this. But, here are the big advantages and disadvantages of leasing. Make sure you can live with the disadvantages. If you can't, then it's likely that leasing isn't for you, and you might want to look at the other finance options. You pay monthly then hand your car back to the finance company at the end of the contract.

Limited mileage. Drive over the limit, and you'll pay for it. Excess mileage charges range from 3p to a whopping 50p per mile to for some BMW models. If the car's written off, and the insurer's value is less than the leasing company's, you may be liable for the difference. You pay more if you're fussy. In a purely investment sense, it's the worst option, as you've nothing to show for it at the end of the deal.

But, monthly payments tend to be low, and leasing can allow you to get behind the wheel of a car you'd never be able to afford to buy. But, the answer to whether leasing beats buying depends on the make and model you're after, and what you can afford, so do your sums carefully. Say you want to lease a Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback for three years. For that sort of money, you're not far off being able to buy some other small hatchbacks outright.

You'd probably also lose less than this on depreciation buying a car, driving it for three years, and then selling it on when you're ready for a new one.

Stock Deals

Some of the most popular lease deals are on premium models that hold their value — because the payments are partly based on the cost of depreciation how much cash the car loses over the term. So leasing can put you behind the wheel of a model you'd never be able to afford otherwise. Here's another real-life example Some leasing providers include servicing and maintenance on the car, so you'll only have to meet the monthly payments, car insurance and fuel costs.

But it's most likely you'll be offered a non-inclusive maintenance package to add onto the cost of the deal. Before signing up, call the manufacturer and ask how much the car will cost to service over the term. It's typically cheaper than the package the finance company's trying to flog you. Remember that new cars typically don't need servicing in their first year. There are two main options here. However, before you start, benchmark a deal from an online broker so you know what's the cheapest elsewhere and can compare. Always compare finance deals, look at overall costs and ask about how much commission the dealer or broker is going to get. Lease deals can be found from a handful of online brokers, though make sure the one you pick does consumer contracts, as leasing's mostly done by businesses. Online brokers simply source the car you've chosen, then match you to a leasing company that will buy it. The broker will then deliver it once you've passed the credit check, signed the contracts and made the first payment.

You hand it back to the broker once the contract ends. You choose the car, apply for the finance, and then confirm your order, and wait for delivery.

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If you want a car fast, it also has stock cars so you get limited choice on the spec that it can deliver quickly. There's also other options to search by if you, say, needed a five-door car, or you wanted a diesel car. Once you've chosen a car, you can change how much you pay on the initial rental, or the contract length, and see how that changes the price. But you can't do the whole process online, you need to either send an enquiry on your chosen car, or ask for a call back.

Often known as forecourt finance, or just car finance, it's offered by almost every dealer in the UK — and leasing is one of the options available. But, it's a lot less common than most other forms of finance, so it's worth checking whether your local dealer does actually offer it before going down this route. Dealerships come in three main types: franchised tied to one or more manufacturers, eg, BMW garages , independent not tied and car supermarkets. In a franchised dealership, finance deals are usually arranged through the car finance arm of a manufacturer — so Ford Credit, for example, or Volvo Financial Services, although even these finance behemoths often use specialised lease companies to arrange leasing finance — eg, Ford Lease is actually ALD Automotive.

However, as a customer, it doesn't matter who's providing the means behind the deal, just that it's a good deal for you. Ask the dealer about the monthly payments for your chosen car, service costs, and any other charges you might need to pay. Then, compare this to the online broker and how much it'll charge.

Pick the one where you pay the least. Many independent dealerships and car supermarkets get their finance from big banks' consumer arms, allowing them to be able to offer the same range of deals as the manufacturer-tied dealers.