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December 5, at pm Casey Manion. Aaron E. Getting 20 miles in before the end of the year to complete mile in days. Stephen Kaas. Brian Hill. TrainerRoad 20 min FTP test… time to re-set and get this training season started….

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Tyler Nelson. Landon Mueller. Sandi Gavin. Milton Evans. Ben P.

Club News, August 28, 2006

Pete Thomas. Jonathan Street. William Yu. Jeffrey Camp. David Janczewski.

Monthly Newsletter - November 2013

Chelle Janczewski. Going to try to keep going to barre class 5 days a week while studying for the CPA exam! Anders Ryman. Scott Schuby. Just a medium long run 15 mi , currently in between training plans and taking it easy. Tom willshare. Wooly hat ready! David Cruz.

Eli Selzer. Nina Ignatova. Jack Pelling. Alan E. Gabe F. Jason Uhlrich. Good luck to all you! Leanne Zeki.

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Bassingbourn Belle 10m on Sunday 7th December. Lacking training but looking forward to racing. Osvaldo Cipriano. Sebastian Haager.

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Jeff Sammon. Sebastien Gagne. Chris Tallman. Thom Figueroa. Will be doing the vineman Mark Poole. Chuck Babbino. Doug Gardiner. Dave Donnelly. Steven Chasteen. Damian Sowa. No races, but lots of running.

Poor Max had some gum caught in one paw pad that I can to chop out! Today I am feeling eager to just GET. There will in fact be live race day tracking on Saturday, via Athletes Lounge at this link. If you remember, last time around I was certain 1 week before Boise that I had a torn rotator cuff, somehow caused by being blown off my bike in heavy wind.

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Of course, by the time race week rolled around and I hopped in the pool, my shoulder felt fantastic and I had to acknowledge it was more likely the pain had just been soreness from my shoulder hitting the pavement after a 40mph gust of wind. This week, the purported injury of the moment is shin splints in my left leg. One more left to cross the finish line and I can finally go eat something! The nice thing about this race is knowing the course like the back of my hand. Just do me a favor and think wetsuit-legal thoughts!

When they went to bed, he climbed in to snuggle for a few minutes before going to sleep on the floor next to them. He enjoyed watching chick flicks with us all crammed on the couch together. For once though, I am not completely overscheduled. Yes, there is a swim and a bike and a run but shorter ones!

It will be a good weekend to focus on rest and recovery and prepare for the coming week. I had my traditional days-before-race massage on Wednesday. Is it the increased bike work? Running shoes that were close to retirement? With no way of knowing for sure, I ditched my older pair of shoes and will be rolling the calves out regularly till they are happy. I conquered a tough peak-week brick today, starting with power intervals on the bike trainer and ending with a run that made me want to hurl. As it turns out, when you have to put your head down and hold an uncomfortable wattage while dripping in sweat, love or hate her, Lady Gaga is the best soundtrack on the iPod for keeping the cadence up!

The run afterwards involved a build and then keeping a fast pace for the last 15 minutes. I did it — barely — but not happily. Thankfully tomorrow is a Rest Day!

I went to yoga at lunch today and was pleased we did a ton of leg stretching — just what my hamstrings and quads and shins and calves needed. Good luck to everyone racing IM Lake Placid this weekend. I will be glued to the computer on Sunday cheering for everyone! Just in case anyone ever thought training for endurance sports was all rainbows and puppies…I thoroughly dispelled that myth yesterday.