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Potential buyers have the option to perform several different types of inspections when buying a home. There are lots of reasons why having a home inspection and other various inspections is a good idea.

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These inspections can also lead to many real estate deals that fall through. This can go a long way in reducing the chances that a buyer gets scared away from your home.

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Another common reason a real estate deal falls through is because the potential buyer is turned down for their mortgage. In a perfect world every potential home buyer who is walking around with a pre-approval letter would get to the closing table but this is not the case.

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Having a pre-approval letter is a must when buying a home , however, it does not guarantee a buyer will be approved for the mortgage. Keep in mind there are some mortgage lenders and banks that do a great job ensuring the majority of their pre-approvals get to the closing table. There are situations when a buyer is rejected that a top mortgage lender or bank has no control over.

Some of these situations can include;. Bank Appraisal Issues. Real estate deals that involve a buyer who is obtaining a mortgage will be subject to a satisfactory bank appraisal. A common reason a real estate deal falls through is because there are issues with the bank appraisal. Generally, if a bank appraiser cites some minor repairs that need to be completed prior to a closing, this will not cause a deal to fall through. If a bank appraiser determines that the value of the subject property is thousands of dollars less than the sale price, this is typically when a real estate deal can fall through.

The amount that a home under appraises often will determine whether a deal will fall through or not.

Issues With Closing Documents. Prior to a closing occurring there are many documents that are reviewed, typically by the attorneys for the buyer, the seller, and the banks attorney. A real estate deal can fall through due to issues with these closing documents. The most common issues with the closing documents relates to the title of the property.

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Some of the most common title problems in real estate include;. Buying or selling a short sale or pre-foreclosure can be tricky. In respect to a short sale, the primary reason a real estate deal falls through is because the lender involved in the short sale approves the sale and requests a closing to occur in a time frame that is nearly impossible to meet.

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When buying a short sale , a lender will give their clearance to close and will request it is completed within days, sometimes even fewer days. Since many buyers will request the appraisal is not completed until the lender approves the short sale, this does not leave sufficient time to get the appraisal done and all of the closing documents prepared and reviewed. Buyers Experiences Remorse.

One of the worse nightmares for a home seller is finding out a week before the target closing date the buyer has decided they no longer want to buy a home and have decided to continue to rent. Buyers remorse happens in real estate. Final Thoughts.

As indicated above, many of the reasons a real estate deal falls through are completely controllable while others are not. If you are aware of the above common reasons why a real estate deal falls through, you will put yourself in a much better position whether your deal falls through or not. Having an experienced and competent real estate agent working on your behalf will give you the best odds that your deal will NOT fall through! Other Top Real Estate Resources. Are you buying a home in Rochester, NY?

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