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This looks like a fun and easy way to meal plan! I like that it offers many options and allows for flexibility. Um, meal planning…what is that? Ya, to say meal planning is nonexistent in my home would be an understatement. It just always feels so overwhelming, that even when i do try, I usually give up before I even make it to the store. Prep Dish seems like a smart idea.


Actually, I feel like I should have thought of something like this before now that i am hearing about it. Right now I try to set aside hours on Sunday evening to cook and prep breakfast and lunches for the week.

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Prep Dish appears to result in much tastier meals than I am used to! I try to meal plan, but we end up with the same dishes over and over again. The cilantro lime shrimp looks delicious! I woud love to try Prep Dish! Lately I have just been buying healthy food and trying to wing it, which has led to a lot of really boring meals. My problem is that I live alone and feel like when I meal prep I end up eating the same thing over and over in one week so I am not wasting any food. It would be easier to skip some of the meals like we did than to cut down the serving size, I think….

Change up the sauce and seasoning, and everything is great! I mix it up. Usually it all just depends on my schedule. Meal planning is typically the last thing on my priority list these days working on it! Sounds fun! What I like most about the meal plans is it would get me to try new things. Also, I have Celiac so the GF aspect is great!!

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I need the help. I love having a meal plan for the week, I think it makes it easier to save money and be sure to have actual meals during busy weeks. This program sounds great, I think it would help to get out of the habit of making the same things all the time. Have you posted on this topic before? My current meal planning is pretty non-existent…I usually just make easy things like sandwiches.

Pretty much same as you. Buying healthy food an winging it. I like the idea of only shopping once a week and not going back to the grocery store for one or two items. My current meal plan is non existent! I only cook for myself and usually grab a sandwich and veggies or cereal after work…yes, pathetic! I find myself eating a lot of the same meals and prepping the same recipes like protein pancakes, salads, etc.

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I love that Prep Dish has paleo options as I try to follow a paleo diet! Currently my meal planning consists of buying whatever looks good at the grocery store on the weekend and winging it through the week, usually running out of both food and ideas by Thurs! I used to be so much better at planning out the week and making more food to have leftovers for lunch-I always feel better when I do this and need to get that consistency back!

I try to have some healthy basics on hand at all time for dinners. I try to get a bit organised for lunches, and make a big batch of something on a Sunday, to take to work for lunch for the week. I do have a bad habit of buying my breakfast at my favourite cafe each morning before work.

Not good for my wallet though. I find we make the same meals again and again, falling back on the easy favourites. Even though I read blogs and recipe books so many choices is sometimes overwhelming! Having a meal plan would offer variety without the need for decision :. Prep Dish is appealing because it should help me save some time during the week, but also because of its flexibility.

When I do cook, I make a lot so there are always tons of leftovers. I definitely want to get into more of a routine. I meal plan on Thursdays for the following week so I can schedule Peapod grocery delivery delivery for the weekend. I usually plan for 4 dinners per week, Sunday and 3 meals to use between M-Th one weekday night is usually take out. I find that the variety keeps me satisfied and I can switch it up a bit or add a small side to it if I am doing a higher cardio workout that day.

Awesome idea! I like meal planning but sometimes I run out of ideas. Although I wish there were other options other than gluten free and paleo. How about just a normal, healthy non-fad plan? I found the gluten free one to be totally normal, healthy and non-fad diet ish. It was meals anyone would enjoy, whether gluten free or not. I love that this is a flexible meal planning service.

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This would be a great option for me. Thanks for the giveaway! I make a bunch of meat and sweet potatoes each weekend and then add a veggie or each meal. It works for me. Love the idea of meal planning service, especially a paleo one! I just need some help for awhile since my brain has checked out from this responsibility. I prep nearly all of my lunches for the week and dinners that I need to eat on the go or on a tight time frame I take MBA classes after work.

I enjoy meal planning to a certain degree, but I try to be flexible if other things come up.

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Sometimes I get into food ruts so a meal plan created by someone else would be nice!! I look at the grocery store specials and try to see what will work for healthy meals. I usually prep meals on Sundays to make weekday nights go easier. I am also horrible at meal planning.

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It is hit or miss for me. Prep Dish sounds great I and would love to try it!

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I typically sit down on Monday with paper and pen and look thru magazines, my favorite blogs and Pinterest for inspiration. I am gluten free so it can be challenging. It would be nice to have the work done :. My meal planning consists of thinking of what evenings I will be home and attempting to have food in the house to eat! Usually I try to pre-make lunch for the week Monday-Thursday and treat myself to a healthy lunch on Fridays.

I always eat breakfast at the office, so I bring all of my supplies in on Monday morning, along with healthy snacks cut up vegetables, or fruit.