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Tags: dresses , online shopping , reviews , shopping , tips and advice. All my efforts to call the various phone numbers related to Rosewholesale. I am sharing my testimony in an effort to put an end to this Chinese scam. You have my permission to share in an effort to avoid other people from the misery of loosing their hard earned money. Reviews

Multiple "companies". Scamming companies. They're all the same people. They're actually just one big scamming operation The Yigou International Group based in Shenzen, China, that goes under many different names. And keep in mind, the above listed companies are just the ones I've been able to find. Who knows how many more of them there are. They either never send items you buy, and keep your money, or send you incredibly cheap knockoffs of stolen fashion designs that wouldnt fit a 10 year old prepubescent girl.

In some less sneaky photoshop attempts, they will even forget to remove company logos on the actual advertised clothing, thus proving that they are stealing the designs. All of the clothing they make is created through payless child labor. It is near impossible to get a refund, and they have been known to disable customer accounts, block customer phone calls, etc, in order to ensure that the customer can NEVER get their money back.

In very rare cases, customers have had good experiences, but again, this is rare, and it is not recommended that ANYONE take their chances with any of these "sub companies". The odds are one in many a thousand. They have not been entered as an affiliate of the Better Business Bureau, and as such are not immediately legally compelled to provide any fair or legal business. The BBB has continuously contacted them, only to be entirely ignored in every possible aspect.

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In addition, whenever one of these sub companies has finally been "discovered" too openly as a scam, the company website shuts down, and disappears from the Internet, only to be replaced with a new website under a new name, but displaying the same advertisements and concepts as the last one. All of these sub companies advertise mainly via Facebook, as it is free to do so, and they reach a large audience.

In the case that buyers EVER give negative reviews or comments on their Facebook posts, they delete said comments, and block the people from ever commenting again. Or, in other cases, they will respond to the comments claiming that they will contact the dissatisfied customer, to appear responsible in the eyes of those commenting and then block that person from commenting so that they will never get help, and the sub-company will continue to appear trustworthy and safe to use.

Rosewholesale is in the process of changing their name to Fashion Mirror. New name same scam.

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There are already tons of complaints on the new page. Be wary when you shop online I will repost a list of links to report complaints and pics. I was hoping that some of you mig I look forward to hearing from you all :. This is Rose Li from Rosewholesale, she has been sending me messages, trying to convince me to give them a good review.

Feel free to message her with your Rosewholesale story. Jump to. Sections of this page.

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