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Pressure Washers Black Friday: STANLEY SXPW2823 2800 PSI @ 2.3 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by

Schedule Service. Was the cheapest I've seen on here and got approved by admins so sorry you missed out. What an in depth and explanatory review. Don't tell me, you must be a part time food critic. Thanks, did try that, they were pretty dismissive. Its annoying as on the deal of the day it said it was valid for 14 Hours or so, i left for work and was planning to order when i got to work, lesson learned.

Sort of bit hard to come off but not too much effort like Thought of doing that? Stronger than a hose but not as powerful as an ordinary pressure washer and only lasts for 16 minutes. I can see this would be useful for many applications, but if you're expecting to clean your manky patio then you're probably going to be disappointed. Full charge-up took under 5hrs. Power lasted just 16mins!!

Only got 2 panels of my greenhouse done. Shame cos the pressure was kinder on my timber than my bigger pressure hose system. Ho him! Every point I've made has been backed up by a link and evidence whereas your claims have had no such treatment and you simply gave up because you haven't any back up for your claims. Who has the real bias here, I wonder? I like my friends to be positive people so I'm afraid it's a no, I'm afraid I have, but you are not interested in looking past your bias - so I gave up.

It's ok, we can still be friends despite our differences.

Pressure washer black friday and cyber monday sale 2018

I have C Both have same W motor and same flow rate despite C having more pressure so how does the maths on that work? I've never used it, but Nilfisk as a very good brand and reputable. All depends what you are using it for.

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If it's car washing, patios etc I'd save your money and get Nilfisk everytime. Just cleaned the car with it, seems no worse than the Karcher I borrowed from my girlfriend, and then started on the driveway before running out of motivation! Very pleased, thanks OP. So much misinformation on here. This is a fully loaded K5 Premium with hose reel, multi jet lance and patio cleaner in the box. Also, that IS the K7 in the picture, the K5 comes with separate lances, shorter hose and no reel. Karchers are just over priced and thier lower priced ones do fail K2 etc. I bought a Stanley pressure washer from B and Q last week bar pressure watts on wheels with winder built in for hose lots of attachments including water bottle etc.

Was from Wickes.. My advice is to either wait for Wickes to have their usual sales and buy that.

WORX WG629E.1 18V 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner

It's a fab machine Can't comment on the power of this. Brilliant - thanks! I shall scour the instructions again to see if that's actually mentioned anywhere. I looked for suitable slots for them to fit into but only on the upper part. Does anyone that bought one of these and isn't happy with it want to sell it to me? The two L shaped bits of plastic are the top and bottom tidy hooks to wrap your electric cable around. Looking from the front on the left hand side you will see two open slots about 8" apart, you slide the plastic bits into the holes untill they click in place, make sure top one faces up, bottom one facing down.

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  4. I didnt bother attaching the hose to the reel as its a pain to keep taking on and off,. Great quality control: the brass jet in the head with the pink dot is just rattling around free. Edit: oh, it's the rotating one so I guess it's supposed to be like that! And what are those two L-shaped bits of plastic for?

    As the name suggests, pressure washers are cleaning tools that create a tightly focused jet of water which can then be used to clean off dirt from surfaces. You will usually find them being used in gardens and public spaces where stone or wood needs to be cleaned, but they are also very useful for washing cars and other machinery, speeding up the job and allowing complete precision. There are many brands and types of pressure washer to choose from. Some of them are adapted for gardens, some can clean glass, while others are ideal for washing cars.

    This buyer's guide will help you pick the perfect model and find the cheapest pressure washer deals possible. The world's very first pressure washer dates back to , when German engineer Alfred Karcher designed his pioneering washing device.

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    • Kärcher K4 full control home pressure washer: £230, Amazon;
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    Powered by petrol, Karcher's DS was a real game changer, being small enough to use in home situations and becoming a favourite among professional cleaning companies. Since then, Karcher have expanded their range and been joined by plenty of competitors, creating a crowded marketplace. At the same time, pressure washers have become standard issue in workplaces and gardens all over the world, with electric devices joining the fray. Nowadays, customers can choose from light and heavy duty washers, with extremely mobile and very powerful options there to select.

    It's a good time to be faced with a cleaning challenge, with so much technology at your disposal. Pressure washers can be used in a huge range of situations.

    Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

    Most commonly, they are used to clean off dirt, paint, dust and other deposits on exterior stonework. Landscapers often use them to finish off their patios, while they can also be used to restore the original brilliance of marble or limestone. They are also commonly used to remove paintwork, whether that's around the edge of a ship's hull or the graffiti on an urban wall. Sometimes, they are used to clean out chemical tanks though rarely in a domestic setting , and they can be used carefully to clean windows and other glass surfaces as well.

    Often, professionals use pressure washers as a way to prepare surfaces for other processes. For instance, they may clean off a wooden surface before applying a sealant, or clean concrete before adding a water-resistant coating. Basically, pressure washers will be the tool of choice when people are handling the most difficult to remove stains and substances. That's why they are such an indispensable tool for home owners and professionals all over the UK.

    When you get down to it, pressure washers aren't that complex. They consist of a mobile unit which can be connected to the mains water supply or may carry its own water supply. It will also require a source of power, which could be mains electricity or a fossil fuel like petrol or diesel. Most importantly, pressure washers need to include an efficient pump which converts its water supply into a pressurised jet.

    As the water is pressurised, the pump injects it into a hopefully robust hose, which is in turn connected to a nozzle attachment. Various types of attachment are available, but all of them convert a stream of pressurised water into a more diffuse spray.