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The hoyts penrith movies and times price of movies in the hoyts penrith movies and times hoyts penrith movies and times Sydney region and candy bar hoyts penrith movies and times is excessive by comparison to Newcastle hoyts penrith movies and times so much so it probably would. Cinemas are kept pretty clean. With hoyts penrith movies and times 8 wall to wall cinema screens hoyts penrith movies and times hoyts penrith movies and times including 2 luxurious Gold Lounge options you really can experience hoyts penrith movies and times the difference at Reading Cinemas Rhodes.

Movie session times and online bookings. Featuring Dolby Digital sound, hoyts penrith movies and times Event Cinemas Parramatta is the perfect spot to catch the latest movies. Regal hoyts penrith movies and times also shows theatre and hoyts penrith movies and times opera hoyts penrith movies and times performances.

Latest hoyts penrith movies and times Hoyts, Penrith Plaza Cinemas hoyts penrith movies and times movie times. Need to swap a booking or learn more about our cinemas? Tickets can be used at anytime, penrith subject to availability.

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HOYTS Top 3 Movies @ the weekend

Menduni Garden. Bobble Art. Scene Pet. Tommee Tippee. JJ Cole. Western Digital. Audio Technica. First Years. Jamie Oliver. Oregon Scientific. Jingle Jollys. Pet Scene. Roger Armstrong. Fab Iron. Going to try Redding next time. Title says all but it wouldn't allow me due to minimum words. Consumer group Choice back in said online bookings should save cinemas time and money because customers did the work for staff, and questioned why they should have to pay more than walk-up customers.

However, it's got dodged somehow.


I believe this is something ACCC should really look into it. When the opportunity came around to use the gift card it turned out to be a week out of date and therefore useless. Hope you're proud of yourselves for ripping customers off Needless to say I'm not happy and if anyone asks my opinion of Hoyts I'll only be too happy to tell them what I think. If I could have given a negative star rating I would have given you the maximum. I am giving it 1 star because there is no option for zero stars. Such a rip off and the cinema at Erina sucks. It stinks, the seats are uncomfortable and service is crap.

I went into your Cinema's on Monday night to watch Jurassic World with my 2 boys and their cousins only to be intimated by another Patron a woman Asian purple hair. She kept telling the kids to shut up if they laughed etc. I didn't want to make a scene in front of the kids but I am very angry at that woman and scaring my children while your staff checked and turned a blind eye. I am disappointed with the experience as well as not being able to complain to the staff at Northland's, they have a contact number but don't pick up their phone.


Five new Hoyts locations to begin accessible cinema programs | Media Access Australia

Staff at candy bar Melbourne Central very pushy and never want to answer our questions about the price. Tried to sell us the big combo which we never want, we tried to refuse and order what we want instead. Unbelievable experience, shifty sell tactic and definitely do not want to go back to get robbed again. I've been a regular weekend visitor to Hoyts Charlestown for a couple of years and it's a nice cinema - the reclining seats are really comfortable - but tomorrow will be my last visit.

The price increase. The online booking fee has irked me for ages anyway. I simply don't understand why it costs more to book tickets that don't require Hoyts paying staff wages. Looks like price gouging to me. Speaking of Hoyts staff, I've also learned they're underpaid relative to Event by I have been to around 4 different hoyts locations and they are yet to disappoint.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and not rushed unlike village cinemas and the theatre is always clean. As I am a member of both hoyts and village I sore the same movie twice for free. Believe it or not the was a huge range in difference in the screen experience. Village had less colour and slightly blurred compared to hoyts which was much crisper.

Extremely disappointed with Hoyts failure to resolve my Rewards issue. Meanwhile I have been using my card and collecting points along the way I made several attempts to contact Hoyts head office, and like most cooperations these days their response has been appalling. Delayed tactics to try and get rid of me no doubt! Their stance: unless I can provide a receipt as proof of the t Customers make arrangements with Friends to meet up for Dinner etc, with those times as advertised!!! Hoyts change those times at their want, leaving peoples' arrangements in tatters. People either have to cancel their planned outing or hang around the venue till next session!!!!!!

When you try to ring the local cinemas to check or find out ticket prices or other, they never answer their phones. Same thing happened to me a few years ago at Penrith Hoyt Was given six Hoyts vouchers as part of my retirement due to ill health from my employer back in February this year. Went to use them this week to be told they were only valid between 15 Feb and 31st Mar Now I know it's clearly written on the ticket but honestly six weeks!

Spoke with Customer Service only to be told bad luck!